Journal 2017

=== January 2017 ===

New User Setup - Created this page to capture info for a new federated wiki user.

1/8/2017 - Was able to "claim" my wiki with some help from Paul Rodwell, this Github issue captures the thread. I created a screencast of how I was able to use the Twitter authentication method, will link to that when I have it posted. Made an outline of info to include in the New User Setup page. Reviewed my videos on adding text and adding links to wiki pages.

1/9/2017 - Was able to see my wiki at work, add some text, and save the text.

1/13/2017 - Completed a video on Twitter authentication and uploaded it to YouTube.

1/14/2017 - Created Federated Wiki Videos page, added links to my videos on YouTube. Completed a rough first draft of the New User Setup page, posted a request for some feedback.

1/16/2017 - Added link to Ward Cunningham videos on my Federated Wiki Videos page.

1/20/2017 - Added a WebSub page (this is the new name for PubSubHubbub.

1/24/2017 - Forked Ward Cunningham's Tips for Administrators page to this site from Next, managed to create a new site for admin stuff.

1/29/2017 - Did some experimenting with using Federated Wiki on my Samsung Galaxy S5 and Google Chrome, had several navigation problems.

== February 2017 ==

2/3/2017 - Created Navigating Wiki on Mobile Devices to capture my notes from experiments in January 2017.

2/5/2017 - Repeated mobile experiments with Firefox on Android, did not have any navigation problems. Added some notes to Navigating Wiki on Mobile Devices

2/6/2017 - Made two videos of using Google Chrome and Firefox on my Samsung Galaxy S5 to demonstrate user interface problems, will upload these to YouTube after some editing, then will create a Github issue. Created a Beginner's Guide to Federated Wiki on my admin site.

== March 2017 ==

3/26/2017 - Migrated my main wiki to a Digital Ocean server, things appear to be working ok. I did try to use the export.json file from the previous site, but could not figure out how to upload it, will need to look into it more.

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  • === June 2017 ===

    Created a new wiki video on adding formatting, added a link to the video on my Federated Wiki Videos page.

    === July 2017 ===

    Did a fork of the How to Wiki page content from to my site.