Power Tools of the Culture

I have been corresponding with Ken Smith about his concept of "Power Tools of the Culture ", will capture thoughts/ideas here.

Ken Smith Ideas

Ken Smith thread sketching out a path forward for how people can work together to preserve our society.

Ken Smith thread on standard documents as tools

Ken Smith thread on how to save web content (print as books?)

Ken Smith thread on sharing "all the power tools of society (curiosity, imagination, knowledge, power)

Ken Smith thread on political activism (part of it is proving that someone knows something)

Ken Smith thread replying to Dave Winer (having a society that can have adult conversations about itself)

Ken Smith comment on Dave Winer link to video of WNBA players honoring Black Lives Matter - "Change the words we use. Make the old silences too embarrassing to stand. Make it intolerable to use the brutal old justifications. Try for new ways of saying what we need, what kind of people we want to be, what it means to be human. Say new words and fight to make it so."

Andy Sylvester ideas

Create a virtual server (ala Digital Ocean)

Add applications to the server (Node.js, NPM, Git, Node apps) (Dave Winer's EC2 for Poets is an example, as is Andy Sylvester's Kindle book on setting an Ubuntu Server on Amazon Web Services.

Perform server backups

Set up a river of news app (Andy blog post )

Setting up a weblog

Setting up a wiki

Getting a domain name

Assigning subdomains to sites (like my reading list app )

Creating RSS feeds from Twitter/Facebook accounts to aid in following new posts (Andy blog post )

Creating an Online Community, Class or Conference - Quick Tech Guide (Google doc ) - Coronavirus / Covid19 quick reference kit, to take your class or conference online cheaply and in a hurry (created by Stephen Downes )

Eduhack Domain Kits - This site includes 19 Kits for you to learn about and practice your domain building skills. Each kit is an activity that will provide you the instructions and materials necessary to put in your domain a blog, a wiki, a stand alone web site, a file dropbox, a photo gallery, and more.

Dave Winer ideas

Dave Winer post on Ken Smith first post on power tools of the culture.